Machine Accessories

Things to go with your antique and vintage sewing machines

Lamp Dimmer as Motor Controller.  A YouTube video.

Paper Towel Holder/Thread Stand

Sewing Machine Slings


  1. Beautiful High Arm Fiddlebase. I am restoring my great great aunts High Arm Fiddlebase. Did you make your own decals? If not, could you tell me who did? I don't live far from Hillsborough and would like to have one made for the sewing machine itself and the coffin top. Both were too far gone to save. Also, do you have any spare parts? I seem to have everything except for the coffin top lock and one of the table stays for the coffin top. Thank you.

  2. Your account is set to "no reply" so I cannot contact you directly.

    I did make the decals myself and there are directions here on the blog. Look at the top of the page for links to restoration procedures.

    No spare parts, sorry. Good luck with your restoration project and feel free to contact me again.


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